Actress Tasnuva Tisha to tie the knot

Actress Tasnuva Tisha has announced she will be tying the knot on February 2 with her fiance Syed Asker.

On Saturday, the actress got engaged to her long-time partner at her house in Banasree in presence of both the families.

Tasnuva said they will officially register their marriage first in presence of family members and some close people. Later in the same month, they are planning to arrange the wedding ceremony and invite all.

Syed Asker is the owner of an event management firm.

Tasnuva and Asker knew each other since 2020. Eventually, their friendship grew into love and they decided to tie the knot, said Tasnuva.

“I was anxious about Asker’s family’s reaction at first regarding the marriage but they were very positive about everything,” said Tasnuva.

In 2014, actress Tasnuva Tisha married Farzanul Haque. After four years they got separated. Tasnuva and Farzanul are parents of a son and a daughter.

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