Gel nail polishes for high-shine nails

A good manicure can uplift your mood in no time. And if you still believe you need to head to a salon for a fresh manicure, you need to think again.

And that’s where glossy and gel nail polishes do their magic. It is one of the simplest ways to get your nails to stand out in a crowd.

It lets you put an unexpected twist on your nail polish and is suitable for interesting nail art designs too. Ready to treat yourself to a gorgeous gel manicure? Ahead, here are the five best gel polishes that have stolen our hearts and will do yours too!

A perfect manicure is only complete with these gel nail polishes.

1. Plum colour affair gel nail polish

This one is a vegan pick with a high-shine factor and intense colour payoff. It is formulated with avocado oil and Vitamin E.

Since it is made from a vegan formula, you are less likely to harm your nails all while ensuring they look pretty all day long.

2. Lakme absolute gel nail polish

This nail polish presents a high-shine formula and comes with a well-defined, easy applicator.

If you’re looking for a high gloss finish, this nail polish is then meant for you.

3. Opi gel nail polish

This glossy nail paint delivers a rich tone to your nails making them look beautiful. The formula is also free from chemicals.

This nail polish gives an intense, rich shade that you wouldn’t be able to stop admiring.

4. Beromt gel nail polish

This polish has a slightly thick formula that distributes well thanks to the wide brush. It also comes in a wide range of colours

The well-designed brush features wide bristles that lay down the smoothest coats of colour.

5. Debelle gel nail polish

While the nail paint is free from chemicals, it is also enriched with seaweed for nourishing effects. It gives you a long-lasting finish too. This gel colour gives your nail a freshened manicure look. It has a flat wide brush which makes the application easy.

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