Bonalu competition 2022: All you would like to grasp concerning the Month-Long Telangana competition go to god Mahakali

Bonalu may be a yearly competition celebrated within the urban area Hyderabad and Secunderabad alternative|and several other} other elements of Telangana. The competition celebrates god Mahakali and goes on for an extended time throughout the Ashada season that falls within the months of Gregorian calendar month and August, consistent with the Hindu calendar.

Bonalu is well known so as to specific feeling to god Yellamma for fulfilling the vows. For god Yellamma, pooja is performed and offerings square measure served on the degree day and also the final day.

In Telugu, Bonam interprets to Meal and that is why it’s offered to the god throughout this competition. The womenfolk in every house prepare a special meal fabricated from rice, milk, jaggary in an exceedingly new material or brass pot. it’s then embellished with arishth leaves, turmeric and vermilion.

The competition reportedly dates back method back to 1813, once plague had unfold within the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The plague had claimed thousands of lives. A military army had been deployed within the areas to contain the unfold of the sickness.

The battalion offered prayers to Mother god at Mahakaali Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. They vowed that if folks get mitigated from the deadly result of the epidemic they might install associate idol of Mahakali back within the town of Secunderabad.

The sickness stopped spreading thenceforth and honouring the vow, the military put in the idol and offered Bonalu to god Mahakali.

During the course of the competition, ladies carry pots on their heads and supply Bonam. It includes bangles and sarees for god Mahakali. The rituals of the Bonalu festivals embrace celebrations at temples just like the Ujjaini Mahakaali Temple, Sri Katta Maisamma – Pochamma Temple, and also the Matheswari temple of Lal Darwaza.

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