The Many Health advantages of Lemon Water in Summers

Lemon water, conjointly called Nimbu Paani, Shikanji, and Nimbu Soda may be a drink that pleases everybody throughout summers. Indians all over like to have this cooling drink. loads of individuals take into account beginning their day with lemon water rather than tea, occasional or the other fruit crush. While, it’s tasty and refreshing, lemon water has multitudinous health advantages too:

Great supply of water-soluble vitamin

Lemon has high water-soluble vitamin content that helps to shield the cells from damaging free radicals. water-soluble vitamin conjointly helps scale back the chance of stroke and vas diseases at the side of keeping pressure level levels in restraint.

Weight Loss

The water-soluble vitamin content conjointly helps in reaction of fats that cause weight loss. cellulose may be a fibre (also found in lemonade) that helps scale back hunger cravings and causes you to feel full.


Lemon water improves association as water intake becomes easier once you add flavour to that. Lemon water conjointly helps improve the metal levels in our body and helps fill up different necessary nutrients to stay USA dehydrated. Lemon water helps scale back the intake of effervescent beverages which will be very harmful to the body.


Hot or lukewarm lemon water works as a laxative. If you opt to start out your day with lukewarm lemon water, you’re operating towards interference of constipation and keeping the defecation healthy. In ayurvedic terms, lemon water helps stimulate the hearth component referred to as ‘agni’ that helps improve the digestion method.

Skin advantages

As mentioned earlier, lemon water has high water-soluble vitamin content that possesses anti-ageing properties. A 2016 study discovered that citrus-based juice mixtures suppress the wrinkle formation in tonsured mice.

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